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Hydraulic Piston Pump

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The piston pump is the key power component in the civil aircraft hydraulic system, and the most common pump used in the aviation field is the pressure compensated variable displacement type. In this review paper, a basic introduction to the civil aircraft piston pump is presented, including the classification, structure, working principle, design features, and achievements by some research groups. Then, the future directions of the aircraft pump are reported from various perspectives. Further, the critical technologies are analyzed and summarized in detail from six thrust areas: friction couples, noise reduction, inlet boost, thermal management, fault diagnosis and health management, and mechanical seal. 

In the hydraulic system of civil aircraft, the piston pump is one of the most critical power components.1 The pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, supplying power to the actuators to fulfill the flight posture adjustment, and retraction and extension of the landing gear and braking. Due to their compact and simple design, swash plate type axial piston pumps are widely used in the aviation field, and they are capable of working at extremely high pressures and speed while maintaining high overall efficiency.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
Rexroth A10VSO of A10VSO16,A10VSO18,A10VSO28,A10VSO45,A10VSO71,A10VSO100,A10VSO140 axial piston pump SEALMASTER N/A REGAL BELOIT 0662461371053
Daikin VZ series of VZ50,VZ63,VZ80,VZ100,VZ130 hydraulic variable displacement axial piston pump Roller Assembly with 0644075033626 N/A 1-5/8" Bore; 2-
PCY14-1B of 10PCY14-1B,25PCY14-1B,40PCY14-1B,63PCY14-1B,80PCY14-1B,160PCY14-1B,250PCY14-1B,400PCY14-1B high pressure piston pump M06110 NTN N/A NTN
Denison gold cup series of P6,P7,P8,P11,P14,P24,P30 variable displacement axial piston pump KM16 84823080 C3-Loose AH2314 (Specify bore
Rexroth A4VFO of A4VFO40,A4VFO71,A4VFO125,A4VFO250 hydraulic axial piston pump Bearing Metric Yes 7.145
Denison world cup series of P6W,P7W,P8W variable displacement hydraulic axial piston pump 51.5 kg 340 mm HM 3168 72 mm
Rexroth A7VEL of A7V20EL,A7V28EL,A7V40EL,A7V55EL,A7V80EL,A7V107EL,A7V117EL,A7V160EL,A7V250EL,A7V500EL variable piston pump N/A Thrust Ball Bearing Order U217 Seating W 275 kN
Parker PAVC of PAVC33,PAVC38,PAVC65,PAVC100 variable volume piston pumps Non-expansion 2 Contact Seal 0808250112654
PMP PMH P series of PMHP55,PMHP72,PMHP90,PMHP110 hydraulic piston pump for mixer truck 61904-ZZ N/A Ball Bearing 2 Metal Shields
Parker Denison PV of PV6,PV10,PV15,PV20,PV29,PV38PV47,PV64,PVT6,PVT10,PVT15,PVT20,PVT29,PVT38,PVT47, PVT64 axial piston pump 0029176455834 NSK N/A Bearings
Yuken A series of A10,A16,A22,A37,A45,A56,A64,A70,A80,A90,A100,A120,A145,A160 hydraulic piston pump Steel Teflon Plain Spherical Rod 0.17
Rexroth A10VSO-52 series of A10VSO28,A10VSO45,A10VSO60,A10VSO85 axial piston variable pump 3413520641559 M06110 0.0 Mounted Units &