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Hydraulic Valve

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Hydraulic valves control fluid flow in hydraulic systems used in industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. Ball, control, selector, and cartridge valves are used to regulate pressure and control fluid flow volume and direction.

The most basic description of a valve is a mechanical device that opens and closes, most often to control the flow of fluid—liquid or air. Valves exist in nearly every industry, from automobile engines to the foundries that cast the engine’s valves; yes, there are valves on the machines that make valves.


Hydraulic valves are unique because they must be capable of withstanding 3,000 psi or more of fluid pressure, which require them to be manufactured from strong (and often heavy) steel and iron. Their construction must be such that hydraulic pressure is entirely contained, yet able to function smoothly and accurately, without being prevented from functioning because of the high forces imposed by that pressurized fluid.


Rexroth ZDC of ZDC10,ZDC16,ZDC25,ZDBE6 pressure compensator,direct operated,hydraulic valves

1450 rpm 16.2 in
Round Flange 7.9 in

Piotti STU,VURF,STB,VBRF,STB04,STB06,STB0800,STB1200 throttle check valve,flow control valve

1600 rpm 13.3 in
Medium Series 157566 lbf

Atos DH-0,DK-1,DP-2,DP-3 hydraulic valve,hydraulic operated directional valves

0.34 37300 lbf
70.1 0.122

70Mpa/700bar high pressure plate type relief valve,hydraulic valve

2700 rpm 0.0022
0883450065825 4000 rpm

Atos HS-011,KS-011 hydraulic valve,modular sequence valve

1.0 mm 67.900 mm

Tokimec ECT,ECT5 series of ECT-06,ECT-10,ECT5-06,ECT5-10 hydraulic valve, pressure relief valves for pipe mounting

130.2 mm 2 1/8 in
G1202KRRB M16

Nachi OR series of OR-G01,OR-G03,ORH-G04 relief modular valve,hydraulic valve

22.5 in 960 rpm
5.4 in 4 x M30

Denison 3D03,4D03,3D06,4D06 electro hydraulic directional valve,,hydraulic valve

10.512 in 013992023902
Four-Bolt Plummer Bl 160 mm

Tokimec C2G-805,C5G-815,C5G-825 angle type hydraulic check valve

87226 lbf 3-11/16 in
MSE311BRH This product line wa

Yuken EDB and EDG of EDB-01,EDG-01,EDB-02,EDG-02,EDB-03,EDG-03,EDB-06,EDG-06 proportional electro-hydraulic pilot relief valve

013992039361 7.5 in
12.5 in 0.2 in

Yuken RT,RCT,RG,RCG of RT-03,RCT-03,RG-03,RCG-03,RT-06,RCT-06,RG-06,RCG-06,RT-10,RCT-10,RG-10,RCG-10 pressure reducing valve

087796151536 4.42
289000 N 1/12